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Storing Vital Products With Care
Accessibility: Train, Vessel, Pipeline & Truck Loading.
Мы производим
Storage and handling of petroleum

For petroleum storage

Volume from 1 to 10 000 m3;
Single-hull tanks and double-hull;
Single-walled and double-walled;
In thermal insulation and with heating;
With the installation of the necessary technological equipment on the tanks;
In any climatic performance;
Operation at a temperature from -60 °С to +35 °С;
Seismicity up to 7 points;
With internal and external anticorrosion coating, waterproofing;
With the control of the inter-wall space (for double-hull tanks) filled with ethylene glycol solution.

Storage Tanks
Our storage and handling capacity 14 x 2.500 m3
We offer a large variety of tanksizes between 500 m3 and 10,000m3
Our tanks are suitable for chemicals and niche products.
Our storage facility are jetty and both sea going and inland vessels.
We also have extra loading areas for both train carriages and trucks for loading of chemical.
We Provide for chemical, mineral and transshipment operations.
All modes of transportation – vessel, train, truck and pipeline and degassing
Transportation Modes
(for fuel oil: max 225m LOA, max beam 32,2 m, max depth 13,90 m NAP)
(for chemicals: max 183 m LOA, , max beam 32,2 m, max depth 13,90 NAP)
(max 190m LOA, max beam 32 m, max depth 13,65 m NAP )
(max 150m LOA, max beam 32 m, max depth 10,65 m NAP)
Loading bays
Pipeline (connection to Rotterdam pipeline network (multicore))
3 combined for Railcars and Trucks (per railtrack a maximum of 8 wagons)
3 for Trucks and degassing
Different Vapor recovery systems covering the whole product range
Product heating (both steam and electrically), cooling and circulation.
Blending & mixing of mineral products.
Auto Transport Services
Apex global logistics (NL) BV through its trucking unit offers mutually beneficial cooperation in transportation of light and dark oil products in Rotterdam.
Apex global logistics (NL) BV carries out delivering of petroleum products with different size tanker vessel and also modern tanker trucks.
Our main services
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